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The Rainbow Box

The PureFish Rainbow Box was curated to showcase a variety in taste, texture, and color. Featuring a wide assortment of seafood from sweet and succulent jumbo scallops to beautiful sushi-grade ahi tuna, the Rainbow Box will keep your seafood meals healthy as well as exciting. 
Named after the famous rainbow sushi roll, this box is not only varying in options when it comes to what to cook.

The Omega Box

The PureFish Omega Box was curated by our Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist to include a variety of species that contain the highest level of fish oils and omegas to pack the most flavor and nutritional value into each box.
All fish in our Omega Box have been chosen for their ultimate health benefits and are high in protein, omega-3s, and fish oils. Two 6oz. PureFish Perfect Portion's per tray.
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The Grill Box

Fire up the grill and your appetite for The PureFish Grill Box.
Add some "surf" to your next BBQ with our unique, ready to grill seafood options. With exciting new additions like a whole butterflied Rosé Snapper, Caribbean Cobia burgers, and Arctik® Salmon Hot Dogs, your next backyard BBQ will be elevated to new heights of flavor and health.

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