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Our Pre-Fixé were designed to vary flavors and fish into your meals but if you have some favorites or prefer certain fish we wanted you to be able to get exactly what you want, when you want it.


Just select 8 trays of exactly what you want and we will build this box just for you. Mix and Match however you want, 1 of each or 8 trays of one fish.. its your box :)


Why is the custom box more expensive?


Well we worked very hard to make our pre-fixé boxes an easy choice for our customers but also for our entire supply chain, and with that streamlining comes savings that we have passed on to you making those boxes an exceptional value.


Due to the added time & costs of a custom box the price is marginally higher to cover these added expenses incurred, thats it.

Choose 8 Trays from our entire PureFish line.

16 - 6oz Trimmed Portions Total

Note: Each Tray contains TWO individual 6oz. Portions. Also since items like scallops & shrimp are individual we will send the equivalent weight and error on the side of more...because we care.

Each fish was specifically chosen, cooked, tasted, & tested by our PureFish staff to ensure its the highest quality available, so you can enjoy your fine dining quality seafood at home and let PureFish worry about the rest.


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PureFish Fun Fact:

There are actually many different fish which are very high in fish oil & omega oils similar to salmon and that is why we created The Omega Box... to help introduce these other fish to you and your diet.
Not only does this help vary flavors and keep healthy seafood meals interesting, but is also more sustainable as there are many more fish in the sea with high omegas and fish oils & this helps spread the pressure off one specie like salmon. This is a key to making seafood overall more sustainable.