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Fire up the grill and your appetite for The PureFish Grill Box.


Add some "surf" to your next BBQ with our unique, ready to grill seafood options. With exciting new additions like a whole butterflied Rosé Snapper, Caribbean Cobia burgers, and Arctik® Salmon Hot Dogs, your next backyard BBQ will be elevated to new heights of flavor and health.


Our oven & BBQ safe aluminum trays make grilling seafood a breeze. Just peel off the tray's breathable skin seal, remove the pad under the fish, season to your liking and place the tray directly on the grill .... its that easy! When finished, simply toss the tray into the recycle bin; zero clean up, zero dishes.


Order a Grill Box for home or bring a PureFish Grill box to your next friends BBQ. With delicious & healthy seafood options, everyone will have something to love from the kids to the foodies in the group.


Each tray includes TWO PureFish Perfect Portions ® sealed on our oven & bbq ready trays. So no handling of fish or prep needed, cook directly in tray & when finished just recycle tray. No dirty pans, no clean up!


1 Tray - Wild Line Caught Sustainable Ahi Tuna (2 portions)

1 Tray - Rosé Snapper - Butterflied & Deboned (8-10 oz.)

1 Tray - Saltwater Striped Bass "Trim Cuts" • Local

2 Packs - Arctic Salmon Hot Dogs (4 Hot Dogs total) • (Fair Trade ®)

2 Trays - Caribbean Cobia Burgers (4 Burgers total)

1/2 lb. - Wild Jumbo Mexican Shrimp • (Fair Trade ®)

Over 16+ Servings Per Box  

Note: Tuna & Saltwater Striped Bass Trays each contains TWO individual portions. Rose Snapper Tray includes 1 whole fish (8-10 oz) with head & most bones removed

Arctic Sustainable Salmon Hot Dogs • Fair Trade ® Certified

These sustainably salmon hot dogs have the same look and texture of regular hot dogs, making them a great way to add more seafood to your BBQ and an easy way to add more seafood into your child's diet.  


Rosé Snapper

A delicate whitefish, Rosé Snapper is in the same family as Red Snapper but with a slightly milder taste. We removed the head, deboned & butterflied the fish so you can enjoy cooking & eating a whole fish on the grill, in the oven, or pan fried without any fuss. Just season, cook and enjoy.


  1. Caribbean Cobia Burgers - These delicious white fish burgers were developed to cook from frozen in our tray in the oven or on the grill; so you never have to worry about remembering to thaw again. High in omega's, protein, & vitamin D.


Wild Line Caught Sustainable Ahi Tuna

Known for its ruby red color, light flavor and meaty texture, Ahi tuna is ideal for seared and raw preparations. Thick & meaty "steak-like" texture makes them perfect for the grill.


Saltwater Striped Bass • Local 

Local saltwater Striped Bass is light and flaky with a sweet and mild flavor. It’s easy to cook but also great for no-cook preparations such as ceviche or crudo.

The "trim cuts" feature the highest fat content for extra omegas and hold up better with high heat grilling. Perfect whole as plate portion & grilled fish sandwich, or sliced up for taco's or cubed for kabobs.


Wild Jumbo Mexican Shrimp • Fair Trade ®️ Certified

These jumbo shrimp have a firm texture, sweet flavor and light finish. Toss them on a grill or skewer them up for some shrimp kabobs.

Arctic Salmon Hot Dog Ingredients:

Sustainable salmon 52%, milk, butter, potato starch, dry cream, cottage cheese (skimmed milk, cream, lactic acid culture, salt, potassium, sorbate, (preservative) microbial rennet), seasoning blend (salt, spices, white ground pepper, dry paprika extract, ground mace, phosphate, carrageenan, rosemary extract (antioxidant). Casing made from natural gelatins from the salmon. ALLERGENS: Contains fish (salmon) and milk.


Each Salmon hot dog is packed with a full weekly recommended allowance of Omega 3’s in one serving! They are non-GMO, gluten-free, Keto approved, and salmon is recommended by the AHA, American Heart Association for a heart healthy diet.


Caribbean Cobia Burger Ingredients:

Caribbean cobia meat, purified salt, oleico sunflower oil, potato starch, egg white dehydrated, onion powder, garlic powder. ALLERGENS: Contains fish (cobia) and egg whites.


Each burger is packed with a full weekly recommended allowance of Omega 3’s in one serving! They are non-GMO, gluten-free, and caribbean cobia is recommended by the AHA, American Heart Association for a heart healthy diet.


Erika's Nutritionist Note:

"As we approach grilling season, its important to vary your protein intakes for a healthy balanced diet, when we think bbq's we tend to think of red meat and burgers, thats why we have created these healthy and delicious options to not only incorporate more healthy seafood protein and omegas into our diets but making it easy and delicious.

Don't forget to add some vegetables to the grill to go with your protein, and an easy way to remember this is to always have a rainbow of colors on your plate"

Every item has been carefully vetted by our seafood experts to ensure it meets our quality and sustainability standards.


As part of the PureFish Sustainability Program, fish species will change based on seasonality and availability. Be sure to check back here, follow us on Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter to receive product updates, new recipes, and discount alerts.

** Tuna & Saltwater Striped Bass are "sushi quality" due to our strict harvesting & freshness guidelines, and more so due to our "shock freezing" technology . Please make sure fish is always stored properly before consuming raw or undercooked.

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