Shipment Days Reminder:

Shipping days are: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (2 Day Delivery).

Orders must be placed by 9pm (PST) day prior for next-day ship.

Orders placed after 9pm (PST) Tuesday through Sunday night up to 9pm(PST) will all ship out the coming Monday.

This is to ensure highest quality products, fastest shipments, and least delivery delays for our valued customers.

PureFish Fun Facts:

All of the fish included in our Rainbow Box has at one point been served by some of the top sushi chefs and restaurants in the USA. If you’re an avid sushi eater, chances are you’ve already had our fish at your favorite sushi restaurants like, Nobu, Uchi, and Morimoto through our PureFish distribution partners.

Line caught tuna is considered the most sustainable fishing method for catching tuna. Pole and line simply means it's done the old-fashioned way— one fish at a time and reeled in by hand— unlike industrially caught tuna, which uses boats and large nets to potentially catch tens of thousands of pounds of tuna.

PureFish sustainable tuna is always line caught and/or pole & line caught, considered to be the best fishing methods for quality & sustainability respectively.

* "Local" designation refers to products sourced local to our San Diego, California based production facility.

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