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The PureFish Whitefish Box was curated to offer mild—or easiest eating fish—to those who might be venturing into eating more seafood as well as those that like, "meaty white fish".


Named after their white opaque flesh, white fish tend to be lighter or mild tasting fish that lend themselves to a variety of cooking methods including oven baking, broiling, pan-searing, poaching, as well as grilling.


Also, the mild taste of our white fish is a great way to introduce children to eating more seafood.


1 Tray - Caribbean Cobia

2 Tray - Saltwater Striped Bass • Local

1 Tray - Wild Antarctic Chilean Sea Bass

2 Tray - Wild Line Caught Albacore Tuna

2 Tray - Wild Jumbo Mexican Shrimp • (Fair Trade ®)

1 Tray - Wild Extra Jumbo USA Scallops • (Fair Trade ®)

Note: Each Tray contains TWO individual 6 oz (avg) portions. Scallops and shrimp are allocated based on 10-12 oz or more.

Every item has been carefully vetted by our seafood experts to ensure it meets our quality and sustainability standards.


As part of the PureFish Sustainability Program, fish species will change based on seasonality and availability. Be sure to check back here, follow us on Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter to receive product updates, new recipes, and discount alerts. 

** All fish included is "sushi quality" as a result of our strict harvesting and freshness guidelines along with our "shock freezing" technology. Please make sure fish is always stored properly before consuming raw or undercooked. **

Taste Profiles:


Caribbean Cobia  

This dense and meaty white fish with thick flakes is mild, sweet, and buttery. It’s firm texture and high fat content make it absolutely delicious no matter how you cook it.


Santa Barbara Wild Caught Black Cod

Locally caughtOil rich with a buttery-soft texture, this whitefish is great for broiling and other high-heat preparations.


Saltwater Striped Bass • Local 

Local Striped Bass is light and flaky with a sweet and mild flavor. It’s easy to cook, but also great for no-cook preparations such as ceviche or crudo.


Wild Antarctic Chilean Sea Bass

Meaty, flaky, and buttery with its high fish oil content this sustainably-caught white fish can be deliciously roasted, pan cooked, or seared & finished in the oven. This fish is a staple at fine dining restaurants.  


Wild Line Caught Albacore Tuna 

Our line-caught Albacore is lighter in taste and color than other tuna varieties, but still has that dense, meaty texture. We love it seared or fully cooked.


Wild Line Caught Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi has a dense yet flakey texture and a sweet, mild flavor making it a favorite among kids.


Wild Jumbo Mexican Shrimp • (Fair Trade ®️)

These jumbo shrimp have a firm texture, sweet flavor and light finish.


Wild Jumbo USA Scallops • (Fair Trade ®️)

Jumbo scallops have a firm texture and sweet, mild taste. They’re delicious on their own or served over pasta.

Erika's Nutritionist Note:

"With PureFish's higher quality seafood, most people can get all the health and nutritional benefits with only 4 ounces of PureFish. So feel free to divide or split portions. You might notice you don't need 6 ounces every meal, and it will make your PureFish Perfect Portions go farther. Most customers find that each box can make 20+ meals."

Zero Waste Sustainability Policy:

PureFish has a strict zero waste policy, no part of the fish goes unused.

Collar, Tail, & Belly Meat:  Sold to our chef customers for use in soups, burgers, tartar dishes

Fish Scales: Can be used for medical & health products like "marine collagen"

Other Unused Fish Scraps: Used for premium "human grade" pet food

Shipment Days Reminder:

Shipping Days are: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (2 Day Delivery).

Orders must be placed by 9pm (PST) day prior for next-day ship.

Orders placed after 9pm (PST) Tuesday through Sunday night up to 9pm(PST) will all ship out the coming Monday.

This is to ensure the best quality, fastest shipments, & least delivery delays for our valued customers.

PureFish Fun Facts:

There are hundreds if not more "white-fish" in the oceans, and many are unknown to most consumers as we tend to only have access to what’s available at our local store. With PureFish’s global network of approved and vetted suppliers, we can now deliver lesser-known species right to your front door.

We’ve been supplying top chefs and restaurants with these cuts for years, and now we can introduce new and delicious varieties directly to you. We will continue to rotate our offerings not only to keep things interesting for you, but also to support our sustainable fishermen and water farmers.

Black Cod is neither black nor a cod. Black Cod, also known as Sablefish is whitefish with a rich, buttery flavor and delicate, silky texture. It lives in very deep, cold waters which is the reason it has a higher fat and fish oil content to help insulate it from the frigid waters, which leads to its amazing flavor and health benefits.

It has many different names because it is so popular around the globe. The main reason it is lesser known in the U.S is because most Black Cod is directly shipped from where it’s caught on the west coast to Japan where it's considered a prized fish on most menus.

* "Local" designation refers to products sourced local to our San Diego, California based production facility.

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