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Arctik ® salmon is named after the glacial arctic waters where this sustainable & natural salmon is raised to perfection in the Northern most waters near the arctic circle.

These small "nordic" villages have been living from these waters for hundreds of years, and have a respect for the water that has given them so much over the generations. Its this care for the ocean, its fish, and habitat that leads these water farmers to put quality before quantity.

Small independently owned farms and surrounding area are basically untouched from modern time, visiting these remote areas is like taking a step back in time. With its slow pace of life, focus on the surrounding waters and its bounties, and its community.

Arctik salmon is widely considered “the” salmon that other farmed salmons ARE measured against. Sustainably raised in the wild open ocean waters off the arctic circle and the lands rugged coastline. It’s this unique environment which give this fish its firm texture, lean flesh, and buttery sweet flavor that chefs around the world have come to demand.

Sustainable water farming, and ultra low stocking densities make Arctik® salmon farms some of the best in the world.



Arctic Circle - Where the North Atlantic, North Sea & Norwegian Sea meet. These are frigid, rich, and pristine waters with abundant sea-life & nutrients with water temps just above freezing.



Ultra low stocking densities of aquaculture sites, as low as 98.5% WATER TO 1.5% FISH.

Deep Water, High Current Open Ocean Sites                        

Low Fish In: Fish Out Ratio



ZERO WASTE policy ensures environmental footprint is constantly minimized. There is no portion of the fish that is wasted. All off cuts that are not used for our perfect portions are used to make "human grade" high quality pet food.



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Salmon Hot Dogs

Arctic Sustainable Salmon Hot Dogs


Fair Trade ® Certified


These sustainably salmon hot dogs have the same look and texture of regular hot dogs, making them a great way to add more seafood to your BBQ and an easy way to add more seafood into your child's diet.


Each Salmon hot dog is packed with a full weekly recommended allowance of Omega 3’s in one serving!


They are non-GMO, gluten-free, Keto approved.


Casing is derived from fish scales and salmon is recommended by the AHA, American Heart Association for a heart healthy diet.



Arctic Salmon Hot Dog Ingredients:


Sustainable salmon 52%, milk, butter, potato starch, dry cream, cottage cheese (skimmed milk, cream, lactic acid culture, salt, potassium, sorbate, (preservative) microbial rennet), seasoning blend (salt, spices, white ground pepper, dry paprika extract, ground mace, phosphate, carrageenan, rosemary extract (antioxidant). Casing made from natural gelatins from the salmon. ALLERGENS: Contains fish (salmon) and milk.