PureFish Fresh Local Delivery Serving All Of San Diego County Direct & Overnight Shipping only in Southern California
PureFish Fine Dining Quality Now Delivering To Your Home Fresh Sustainable Seafood !

Fresh Sustainable Seafood Home Delivery For San Diego County & Southern California

PureFish supplies the freshest, highest quality, & most sustainable seafood to top chefs & restaurants across San Diego daily.

Now You Can Buy Like The Best Chefs.

Local Home Delivery for San Diego County & Overnight Shipping within Southern California Only.

Eat Better, Eat Healthier, Eat PureFish !

PureFish Arrives In "Restaurant Cut" Portions In Oven Ready Trays.

No Handling Of Raw Fish !

We have done all the prep for you. No touching or handling of the fish needed, we took care it all so you wouldn't have to.

Season & Cook Directly In Tray

A PureFish exclusive, our oven & bbq safe trays means you just season your PureFish in its tray and pop into the oven or toss on the bbq.

No Dirty Pans & No Clean Up !

Best of all, when your done no clean up! Just recycle your aluminum tray and enjoy your PureFish meal.

Is There a Order Minimum?

Yes, 4 trays which equals to 8 portions. If plans change, you can freeze still sealed trays as delivered. But order as much as you want !

What Days Do You Deliver?

Monday & Thursday of every week.

Order Cut Off Times ?

Monday Delivery - Orders must be placed before 10pm Friday prior.

Thursday Delivery - Orders must be placed before 10pm Tuesday prior.

Do I Need To Be Home For Delivery ?

Yes, think of it like ordering take out, you want it at its freshest. Also fresh seafood is extremely perishable and quality & shelf life will be affected unless refrigerated properly directly after delivery.

What Does "Ready To Cook In Its Tray" mean ?

It means no touching of raw fish needed.

Each tray comes sealed with a skin pack thin seal, just peel off, season fish, and cook. We portioned & prepped everything so you don't have to. Eating & cooking seafood should be fun.. not a chore.

Cook directly in the tray it arrives in.

PureFish oven ready tray means no need to dirty a pan or even a dish if you prefer. Also when finished just recycle our "plastic free" aluminum tray. Zero clean up & zero waste!

“My PureFish box surpassed every expectation I had in taste & quality. The ease of putting the tray into the oven, and minutes later having a delicious dinner ready with no clean up was amazing!

— Kathryn P.

"Before PureFish I only ate seafood at restaurants, now with my PureFish subscription I eat seafood 2-3 times every week at home .. The oven ready trays make it soooo easy"

— Christina S.


Sustainability is Our Core, Not Just a Tagline.

PureFish was founded with the mission to bring the highest-quality sustainable seafood to the most discerning chefs.

We have spent months, if not years, vetting and selecting every farm and fishery we work with to ensure our strict standards are being met and upheld.

Now we are bringing the same strict standards to your home kitchen.