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Taste Profiles:

Arctik® Salmon  - Light buttery taste with mild flavor.

Skye Steelhead ® - Milder taste than salmon with more "marbling", a favorite of many sushi chefs.

Striped Bass  - Mild whitefish with flakey & light texture. Great for ceviche & "crudo" dishes.

Cobia  - "Meaty" white fish with thick flakes, think Halibut but with a lighter taste.

Black Cod  - Oil rich, buttery soft texture; a whitefish great for broiling & high heat.

Albacore  - Tuna texture with a lighter taste & color; great for seared & raw applications.


The PureFish Omega Box was curated by our Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist to include a variety of species that contain the highest level of fish oils and omega's to pack the most flavor and nutritional value into each box.


All fish in our Omega Box have been chosen for their ultimate health benefits and are high in protein, omega 3's, and fish oils.


2 Trays - Arctik ® Sustainable Salmon
2 Trays - Skye Steelhead ® Ocean Trout
1 Tray - Saltwater Striped Bass • Local
1 Tray - Caribbean Cobia
1 Tray - Wild Santa Barbara Black Cod • Local
1 Tray - Wild Albacore Tuna

16 - 6oz Trimmed "Restaurant Cut" Portions Total

Note: Each Tray contains TWO individual 5-7 oz. Portions .

Each fish was specifically vetted and taste-tested by our PureFish staff to ensure it meets our quality and sustainability standards, so you can enjoy your fine dining quality seafood at home and let PureFish worry about the rest.


Please check back as we will be continuing to rotate certain fish species included in our curated boxes depending on seasonality & availability, which is all part of our PureFish sustainability program.

Zero Waste Policy:

PureFish has a strict zero waste policy, no part of the fish goes un-used.

Collar, Tail, & Belly Meat: Used for premium "human grade" pet food

Fish Scales: Used for medical & health products like " marine collagen"

Fish Scraps & Guts: Used for fish oil, fertilizers, & fishing bait


** All fish included is "sushi quality" due to our strict harvesting & freshness guidelines, and more so due to our "shock freezing" technology . Please make sure fish is always stored properly before consuming raw or undercooked.

Shipment Days Reminder:

Shipping Days are: Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (2 Day Delivery).

Orders must be placed by 9pm (PST) day prior for next day ship.

Orders placed after 9pm (PST) Tuesday through Sunday night up to 9pm(PST) will all ship out the coming Monday.

This is to ensure the best quality, fastest shipments, & least delivery delays for our valued customers.

PureFish Fun Facts:

There are actually many different fish which are very high and sometimes higher in fish oil & omega oils when compared to salmon, but many of these fish are unknown to most consumers and that is why we created The Omega Box... to help introduce some of these fish to you and your diet. Now you can effortlessly enjoy different fish & flavors while maximizing your fish oil & omega's in every meal.

Not only does consuming lesser-known varieties help vary flavors but is also more sustainable by reducing the pressure off more common, high omega / fish oil species, like salmon. This is a key to making seafood overall more sustainable.

Did you know our Cobia is as high or higher in omega's as salmon, while being high in protein & endorsed by the American Heat Association.
Not only is our Albacore Tuna sustainably wild caught using bait-less hooks, but our fishery targets juvenile albacore for 2 reasons:

1: Juvenile albacore reproduce and grow more quickly & was recommended by fishery experts for sustainability.
2. Juvenile albacore are younger and have eaten less smaller feeder fish in their shorter life, and as a result have virtually no build up of mercury at this age, so its a healthier tuna to eat more often for those that tend to shy away from tuna in general.