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Where Southern California ends & Central California begins is the picturesque coastal town of Santa Barbara. To most this towns jaw dropping beauty & tranquility makes it one of the most famous & beautiful towns in the world.

Behind this glamour lies a vibrant local fishing community of small independently owned boats that fish these pristine waters. One of the most abundant & sustainably caught fish in this area is Black Cod, also known as sablefish.

This deep water fish is sustainably line caught on day boats, meaning the fish is caught, processed and shock frozen the same day. This means unparalleled quality & freshness.

Black Cod is an exceptionally rich and buttery fish. Black cod is praised for its elegant flakey white meat, and until recently has always been shipped to Japan as its a stable on most Japanese menus for its delicate flavor, and high oil content that makes this fish not only delicious but of the the healthiest fish in the sea. Black Cod is the perfect choice for those looking to add more fish oil and healthy omegas to their diet.


Also our Santa Barbara Black Cod PureFish perfect portions come "v cut", this means we take the extra effort & cost to remove the bones from this delicate fish where all other companies do not due to added labor and costs.



Santa Barbara, California - Pacific Ocean


Sustainably Wild Caught on small scale day boats
Independently owned boats means your purchase helps support local fisherman & their communities
Rated "Best Choice" by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch


ZERO WASTE policy ensures environmental footprint is constantly minimized.

All off cuts that are not used for our perfect portions are used to make "human grade" high quality pet food.



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