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Not all scallops are created equal, so its very important to know your source and how and where the scallops were caught. But even for people in the seafood industry this is easier said than done. Most scallops sold have been added with preservatives and water to increase their weight & size and extend shelf life, these leads to lower quality tasting and a "rubbery" texture.

PureFish scallops are sourced directly from the boats & processor to ensure the highest quality, never treated with chemicals and never injected with water or anything. It was not easy, but with our decades of experience we were able to provide our customer with what we believe is the best wild caught USA scallop.

Family owned & operated boats sustainably catch the scallops. The scallops are then hand shucked one at a time on board out of the shell. The scallops are then packed in cheese cloth bags to allow drainage and the scallops to "dry".

The scallops are then immediately shock frozen to lock in freshness & texture.




Northeastern USA - North Atlantic Ocean


Fair Trade ® Certified
Sustainably Wild Caught on family owned & operated boats
Independently owned boats means your purchase helps support local fisherman & their communities
MSC Certified Fishery
Rated "Best Choice" by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch
By-catch is either returned to the sea or sold commercially, making this fishery essentially "un-used by-catch free"


ZERO WASTE policy ensures environmental footprint is constantly minimized.




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