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Returns & Quality Assurance

We guarantee delivery to the address provided when the order is first placed and when accepted on the delivery date.

Since we ship perishable products that can't be restocked or resold, we're unable to accept returns and/or exchanges for products once they leave our facility.

Please read on for our refund policy.


Our Refund Policy:


The following reasons are covered under our policy:


  • Damaged items (unrelated to carrier).
  • Late delivery or improper handling caused by the carrier (UPS), resulting in defrosted items or damage.
  • Missing items (this does not include product substitutions due to availability).
  • Please report any issues with your order within 48 hours of delivery (Carrier delivery time stamp will be used to determine this time).
  • Resolutions to reported issues may include replacement of the product in question, credit towards your next box, or a partial/full refund.
  • Note: Shipping costs/charges are not refunded.



For canceled orders, please note that you can cancel at any time before 24 hours prior to your ship day (ship day begins at 12:01am) of your order. If you cancel after the cut off, your order will be shipped & billed as if the order was not canceled.



The following reasons are not covered under our refund policy:


    • Incorrect address provided or refusal of delivery when shipped according to our terms and conditions
    • Late delivery due to incorrect address or customer input error
    • Inability to retrieve your order on the delivery date, resulting in defrosted items or damage to product
    • Please review your shipping address before ordering. Should your shipping address change, please update your address prior to the billing date via your account page.
    • We will not assume any responsibility for any seafood that becomes unusable because of failure to follow instructions (in the package or on our website) by the recipient nor any lost or stolen deliveries once the seafood is delivered.



All quality issues must be reported within 48 hours of delivery time recorded by carrier. After this time we can not issue refunds because quality could have been compromised outside of our control or environment.




If you need to report an issue with your order or need to add delivery instructions or any other issues, please email us directly at contact@purefish.com. Someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.