PureFish Fresh Delivery Serving All Of San Diego County !
PureFish Fine Dining Quality Now Delivering To Your Home Fresh Sustainable Seafood !

Sustainability, its our name.

PureFish was founded to bring the most sustainable & highest quality seafood to the most discerning chefs that wanted to put quality & sustainability first, when others put cheap price first, and quality & sustainability last.

PureFish decided to be the solution instead of just another seafood company, with a goal to change the direction of the industry and "un-commoditize" seafood.. almost 20 years later we did just that & succeed when others told us we wouldn't.

Now we are bringing these same ideals and quality products direct to the consumer, because we know there are others like us that put QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY, and we want you to get the same quality seafood with the highest sustainability, just like our pro chefs have for years.

PureFish also is different because we don't buy our products from other vendors, or over email & phone, we put our boots on the ground and visit & audit every supplier before a single pound is purchased. We only deal directly with the fisherman and the sustainable aquaculture farmer direct. We handle all purchasing, logistics, & quality control ourselves and that is how we offer unmatched quality and just as important, traceability from water to plate.


Our fish is not only taste tested, but also lab tested to ensure quality & authenticity.

Then all of our PureFish products are 3rd party certified for sustainability by the world top seafood sustainability certifiers.

Most of our fisherman & farmers we have been working with for over a decade, and have worked together to refine & improve all practices.


Our company mantra has always been, "We do not settle for best, we all chase better".



All PureFish Products have to meet minimum criteria which can include:




Sustainably Wild Caught:

• Sustainably Caught, Managed, & Certified Fishery
• Best Sustainable Catch Method Available for Specie
• Bycatch Free and/or Utilized Bycatch
• 3rd Party Certified
• Traceable from Hook to Plate
• MSC Certified and/or Monterey Bay Aquarium Best Choice or Best Alternative Approved or equivalent.

• Fair Trade® Certified


Sustainable Aquaculture Raised

• Ultra Low Density Aquaculture Practices
• High Current/Deep Water Environment
• Antibiotic Free
• Hormone Free
• Chemical Free
• GMO Free
• Land Based Animal Protein Free (means more healthy omegas)
• Traceable from Harvest to Plate
• ASC Certified and/or Monterey Bay Aquarium Best Choice or Best Alternative Approved or equivalent

• B.A.P. (Best Aquaculture Practices ®)

• GLOBAL G.A.P (Good Aquaculture Practices®)

Sustainability is not tag line, it is our only mission as a company.


Thats PureFish.