PureFish Fresh Delivery Serving All Of San Diego County !
PureFish Fine Dining Quality Now Delivering To Your Home Fresh Sustainable Seafood !


Every tray arrives with two perfectly portioned 6 oz. "center cut" portions.


Through years of working with the best chefs we have settled on what we call The PERFECT PORTION.


Not too big so food gets wasted & not too small which leaves you wanting more.


Also all PureFish portions are what chefs consider "center cut portion", this is the best tasting cut, and doesn't leave anyone with a "tail" or "offcut" piece, same cut every time.


Additionally this portion size was developed alongside Erika Wong R.D., Erika is our on staff registered dietician & nutritionist that makes sure every perfect portion is "perfectly" healthy & utmost nutritional.


Perfect Portions are also fully trimmed and ready to be cooked which means less, to no handling & work for you, which is the main reason people shy away from cooking seafood at home. PureFish wanted to make it as easy as possible so you feel more comfortable cooking & eating more seafood at home.

The more we can do as a company to make seafood consumption at home less intimidating, means you & your loved ones can spend more time enjoying a healthy seafood meal together & the health benefits of eating more seafood in your diet.


Better for you & easier for you, PureFish makes it easy.