PureFish Fresh Delivery Serving All Of San Diego County !
PureFish Fine Dining Quality Now Delivering To Your Home Fresh Sustainable Seafood !

Thank You For Your PureFish Purchase, Now Lets Walk You Through The Details

Unboxing Your PureFish

Immediately after delivery, open your PureFish box & store your trays in freezer until ready to use.


** Warning: After opening insulation handle any remaining dry ice with extreme caution and using gloves. Never handle or touch dry ice with bare hands or skin or serious burns can occur. **


We take great measure to pack your PureFish to arrive frozen, but even if the fish has slightly thawed but is still cold to touch, place in freezer and quality will not be affected.


If there are any other issues, please take pictures and immediately contact us @ contact_pf@purefish.com within 48 hours or delivery.



Once tray is in freezer, if properly stored your PureFish trays will last 3-4 months at peak freshness but we recommend using within 60 days .... (science technical info) ...


As we use a state of the art "10K OTR" breathable packaging that allows tiny "microscopic" amounts of oxygen transfer through.


This technology allows the product to be thawed safely while eliminating the risk of "anaerobic" bacteria forming during the thawing process.


We went the extra mile because we wanted to make our fish as delicious and safe as possible. This make our product a little more delicate ... but a A LOT safer for our customers.



In order to get our "Fresher Than Fresh" best quality, and utilize the benefits of our breathable skin film, we recommend always thawing your PureFish by transferring trays from the freezer to your refrigerator overnight (or at least 6-8 hours prior to cooking fresh).


This method allows the fish to slowly thaw in a chilled environment and will lead to best texture & quality (this is how the pro's do it).


Once fully thawed & kept in its "breathable skin film" & tray, your PureFish will stay fresh for an additional 3-4 days. So don't worry you have time.


Now Fresh Is on Your Schedule.



Lets Get Cooking

Once your PureFish is thawed, just remove label & transparent skin pack that seals the fish, season & cook!


Included under your PureFish is our oven "bake" safe absorbent pad. This pad is oven safe for baking up to 375º F, remove this pad if cooking on higher heat and remove if cooking on "broil", or using tray to cook on a BBQ with open flame.


** Warning: Make sure to remove transparent skin film before cooking. This film is to seal your fish, and not meant to be left on and must be removed to season & cook fish. **


Erika, our on staff Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist has curated some step by step recipes to get you cooking immediately.