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Can I Cook My PureFish From Frozen?

Can I Cook My PureFish From Frozen?

The PureFish we recommend for this method are:

Salmon, Steelhead, Saltwater Bass, Caribbean Cobia.

These fish have high oil contents so will take to this "papillote" style of cooking.

Nutritionist Note: This is a great way to cook your PureFish using very little fats (oil & butter) making a very healthy meal. 


Let us show you how easy it is, here we have a simple recipe using our Saltwater Striped Bass.

Step 1: Remove label & plastic skin film.

Step 2: Remove absorbent pad underneath fish (pad is oven safe up to 375ºF)

Step 3: Season fish with olive oil, salt & pepper; or any other spices & herbs you prefer. Feel free to add vegetables directly in tray to make it a complete meal.

Link To Recipe: "Forgot To Thaw Recipe"



Step 4: Cover tray completely with aluminum foil.

* Make sure to have enough foil to "crimp" edges (see picture below) this will ensure even cooking. 

Step 5: Place in pre-heated 400 & cook for 10-12 minutes

*Cooking times varies by oven, if you prefer more "rare" cooked fish try less time and check to avoid overcooking.

Step 6: Remove Tray from oven, Plate & enjoy your PureFish.


Wow, that was easy!


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