PureFish Fresh Delivery Serving All Of San Diego County !
PureFish Fine Dining Quality Now Delivering To Your Home Fresh Sustainable Seafood !

Why PureFish ?

Why PureFish ?

PureFish has been selling the highest quality sustainable seafood to the top chefs and restaurants in the USA for over 17 years.

Customers that include Michelin started restaurants & James Beard Award winning chefs, when chefs demand the best they ask for PureFish.

Now the same fine dining quality & cuts that were previously only available to chefs are now available through PureFish for our home chefs that also demand the highest quality, best tasting, & healthiest seafood.

The PureFish Difference:

1. You’re getting the highest quality sustainable seafood shipped directly to your door.

2. No prepping needed - restaurant style "center cut" portions require no trimming meaning your getting more bang for your buck, no tail portions, & no handling of fish with your hands!

3. You don’t have to touch the fish if you prefer with our oven ready trays & pads.

4. Divide the portions - not everyone needs or wants to consume 6oz of fish per meal. Our dietitian and nutritionist recommends that 4oz of PureFish packs enough protein & health benefits to get your daily dose omegas, vitamins & nutrients.

5. Your purchase helps support sustainable seafood and The Ocean Clean Up project, a non-profit cleaning up of plastic waste in the ocean & rivers.

There's lots more but we will stop here for now.

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