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What is " The Perfect Portion™" ?

What is " The Perfect Portion™" ?

What is " The Perfect Portion™" ?

Chefs want the perfectly symmetrical or "bias" cut portions for plate presentation .. we know we have done many of them.

Nutritionist & Dietitians want the right portion size with the most nutrition packed into every ounce .... we know we have one of the best RDN on staff.

So for our home chefs we took the best from each and made our "PureFish Perfect Portion" ™


Let Us Break This down verbally & visually below.


Every fish is a different size & shape which makes every portion different, but what mostly stays the same is you have 3 parts:

1.   Top Loin:

Above the spine, this is the "meatiest" part as its most dense with muscle, but contains little fat marbling.

2.   Bottom Loin:

Below the spine, less dense muscle, but with more fat marbling gives a different texture.

3.   Belly:

Least muscle & highest fat content & marbling, soft texture but give that "buttery" flavor. 

Also remember fat in fish is good, and more fat marbling means more healthy fish oils like omega 3's.


Why have 1, when you can have all 3!

So what we did .. we only use "center cut" style portions but cut in the direction of all the above parts. This may give you a different looking cut than you are accustomed to but by including all 3 parts you are getting the best flavors, and just as important the best health benefits each fish can offer.

Also most of our fish comes without scales, but with the SKIN ON.

This is important, as it helps during cooking, especially on the grill or pan, but more importantly up to 10% of omega's and fats are located between the skin & the flesh.

So there you have it the PureFish Perfect Portion, now try it and tell us what you think.



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