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What does "Fresher Than Fresh™" mean?

What does "Fresher Than Fresh™" mean?

What is "Fresher Than Fresh™" ?


For most people, the thought of frozen fish leaves a bad taste in their mouth, and we understand why.
For decades the seafood industry has viewed freezing as the last resort for fish before it went bad. This resulted in frozen seafood being correlated with poor quality, bad tasting fish, giving it its bad reputation. 


That is now a thing of the past!


Over the last 10 years, new freezing and storing technology pioneered in the medical industry has revolutionized the frozen seafood industry.

Countries throughout Europe & Asia have been enjoying these advances for years, experiencing the benefits of “fresher than fresh” seafood.  


Here are some benefits of the “Fresher than Fresh”
technology we at PureFish use:


Seafood is flash frozen at its peak, meaning within 24-72 hours from catch or harvest. This literally locks in the freshness and stops the deterioration and bacteria growth that cause fresh fish to lose its quality and become “fishy” in the days and/or weeks it takes before the consumer gets it.



The shock freezing methods we use take the fish from fresh to completely frozen at -40˚ Celsius in less than an hour. This not only locks in freshness but also freezes the fish without damaging the meat retaining the quality of texture once properly thawed.



We use state of the art breathable “skin film” to seal our trays. This keeps your PureFish at its best while frozen but also ensures excellent quality, taste, and texture once thawed in the refrigerator.



Environmental footprint is hugely reduced with frozen fish!



Eliminates the use of Styrofoam packaging, replacing it with recyclable cardboard. Keeping waste out of our landfills and protecting the environment.Frozen fish is shipped in chilled sea freight containers, eliminating the use of airfreight and the associated carbon emissions.



Reduces seafood wasting and overfishing practices. Since all fish are frozen once caught, no fish goes to waste because of going bad before being used. This helps everyone: fisherman, farmers, fish- stocks, the ocean, and means we can take less fish out of the water.



Safer to eat! Most food borne illnesses are associated with bacteria that grow on fish as it ages, the longer the aging process the higher the risk. By “shock freezing” you eliminate this risk dramatically as well as killing any other bacteria and parasite that can be present on fresh fish.


This makes it the safest method for consuming raw and undercooked proteins. That is why many high-end sushi restaurants incorporate this type of freezing to their “fresh sushi fish” because it yields better quality and makes raw consumption safer.


PureFish are experts in fresh fish but we are also huge believers in advances in technology.

Retaining peak quality while also reducing our carbon footprint are top priorities of ours!

That is why we developed our proprietary method to make sure every PureFish you get is as fresh as the day it left the water.


That’s "Fresher Than Fresh" – Its Fresh on Your Schedule!

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