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Why can't I order less or more than 8 trays per box?

Why can't I order less or more than 8 trays per box?


Why 8 trays ?

It’s the "Goldilocks" problem as always ...too little is never good, and neither is too much and everyone is different.


Are you buying just for yourself, or a family of 5?

Do you want to eat seafood 2 times a week or 5 times a week?

How much freezer space do you have available?


Free shipping was a cornerstone of our model as nothing is worse than getting ready to make your purchase and then getting surprised with an additional cost of shipping.


All shipping costs are taken care of by us, and every PureFish order is delivered in eco-friendly packaging such as recyclable boxes and corn based compostable insulation.


We decided on 8 trays (16 individual portions because this gives the average seafood consumer 3-4 weeks to consume the product, and if you are a family or person that likes to east seafood multiple times a week then the 8 trays may only last you 1-2 weeks.


In the future we will be adding the options to add on more trays to existing boxes, but we most crawl before we can run :)

Better for you & Better for the environment. 

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